Fish HeadZ


Captain Joel Piatek   (586) 243-0914

Lake St. Clair, St. Clair Shores, MI


Fish Headz is a Professional Outfitter providing TOP-NOTCH fishing experiences on Lake St. Clair catching some of the countries most sought after targets Walleye, Perch, Bass, Muskie and Sturgeon including outstanding guide services for waterfowl while layout shooting. As a resident with over 30 years experience fishing and hunting the area, Captain Joel knows what the hot bite is and where to find it! He uses the latest methods, electronics and equipment to ensure you are FISHING PRODUCTIVELY!

Currently, the Lake St. Clair system is fishing better than it has in the past 10 years! We are seeing explosions of quality smallmouth bass and catches regularly yielding 5-6lb fish and the best muskie catches ever with some of the heaviest and most numbers ever put up!

The walleye fishing has been consistent from spring through summer and it should prove to be great through fall. That is also a great time to chase after jumbo Perch as well. Spring is the time we experience our best walleye fishing with the migration of some 4-10 million walleye on their way from Lake Erie and the Maumee River in Ohio. This is the best time to hook a fish over 10lbs. while vertical jigging custom hand-made jigs.


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1st Place MOMC Walleye Classic 2009

2nd Place MOMC Walleye Classic 2014

2nd Place MOMC Walleye Classic 2012

2nd Place Sinbad’s Walleye Invitational 2011

2nd Place Sinbad’s Walleye Invitational 2009

3rd Place Sinbad’s Walleye Invitational 2012

3rd Place MOMC Walleye Classic 2010

4th Place MOMC Walleye Classic 2015

4th Place MOMC Walleye Classic 2011

4th Place Bill Rose Classic 2011

5th Place Bill Rose Classic 2010

5th Place Sinbad’s Walleye Invitational 2010

Fully Guided Layout Hunts for Diver Ducks